XL Edition | Stronghold XL Series

Stronghold XL Series Exterior

Locking System

Electronic S&G locks; the finest available.


10 Lock Bolts

1-1/2" diameter bolts protect all sides from pry attack.


Fail-safe door handle

A fail-safe system that slips under pressure to prevent forced entry.


1200┬░ fire protection

Fully insulated with 2" thick fire liner designed for 1-hour of protection.


Height: 72"

Width: 32.5"

Depth: 36"

Weight: 1150 LBS. *

* weight varies based on shelving configuration and options

handgun corner shelving callout.png

Corner Handgun Shelving for Pistols and Revolvers


Revolution Technology® is at the heart of each Revolution Safe. A unique circular design with a modular shelving system rotates 360° to bring your guns directly to you. No more bangs, scratches or dents; just fast and easy access to your entire collection.


Stronghold XL

(*shown with optional features)

Standard Features

  • Automatic Lighting
    • Featuring over 400 LEDs
  • Moisture Control
    • Maintenance-free operation
  • Lockbolt indicator*
    • Shines bright red reminding you to lock the door
    • *only available with an electronic lock
  • Electronic lock
    • Proven by S&G to withstand military-level EMP attacks
  • Corner handgun storage
    • 15 fixed position shelves around inside of door frame
  • Fixed height, revolving turrets
    • 10 and 12-gun turrets
  • Holds 4 long guns in back corners
  • 2 large adjustable storage shelves
    • 24" deep x 29" wide

Standard Capacity

  • 26 Long Guns
  • 15 Hand Guns


XL Edition$5495

Includes listed standard features

Split Adjustable Turrets$150

Raise or lower turrets for long guns of varying length

Solid foam below rifle stocks$80

Additional layer of solid foam to provide extra protection for metal or wood bottom stocks.

Adjustable Inner Row Turret$90

Place your shorter lever actions or ARs beside longer guns