If you are looking for a safe, look no further. Pendleton/Revolution safes are the best in both quality and customer service, period!

We at Black Belt Tactical only trust Pendleton/Revolution safes. We will only use them to provide us with safes to organize our collection. Bruce Pendleton's understanding of what it takes to provide an exceptional client experience is second to none. I was amazed when he customized my safe based on my inventory without my even requesting him to do so. He went the extra mile to surprise me and created a fantastic personalized safe for me. The heirloom my father willed to me is now in a secure, safe and beautiful place for me and my family to enjoy for generations. Their attention to detail is evident at every step and with every team member. From the time I first called to inquire about different opinions they offered, to delivery and continues until today with making sure all my needs are met. Simply a pleasure. I cannot say enough to endorse Pendleton/Revolution safes.

If you are looking for the best way to secure and organize your collection, contact the folks at Pendleton/Revolution Safes and you will be amazed with their products and service. When it comes to the best quality in safes and customer service, there's Pendleton/Revolution and then there is everyone else. Bruce and his team are the true leaders in the industry.

Richard Borecky, DVM

Co-Founder & Managing Director


Black Belt Tactical, LLC

Richard Borecky Testimonial Photo